Updates to the Sensitive Content Control

For our young Instagram users, we've simplified things with just two choices for Sensitive Content Control: "Standard" and "Less." If you're a new teen under 16, we'll start you off in the "Less" setting. And for our teen users already on Instagram, we'll send a friendly reminder to consider switching to the "Less" experience. Your online safety matters to us!

We're taking steps to make it tougher for young folks to stumble upon stuff that might be sensitive. You'll notice a safer experience in Search, Explore, Hashtag Pages, Reels, Feed Recommendations, and Suggested Accounts. Your well-being is our priority!


We're always looking out for our teens' safety. We're trying out a new approach to remind them to check their safety and privacy settings. We'll gently nudge them with prompts to review who can share their stuff, message them, what they see, and even how they manage their time on Instagram. Keeping it secure and enjoyable!


These updates are some of the ways we are working to protect teens on Instagram.

At Instagram, we're always working hard to make your experience more personalized and comfortable. Just last summer, we introduced the Sensitive Content Control feature, allowing you to have greater control over the kind of content you see in Explore, especially from accounts you don't follow. And now, we're excited to share some exciting updates to this feature with you today.

Starting today, we're making some exciting changes to the Sensitive Content Control that will really enhance your Instagram experience. Now, not only will it apply to Explore, but you'll also have the power to manage the presence of sensitive content and accounts in several other areas, including Search, Reels, Accounts You Might Follow, Hashtag Pages, and In-Feed Recommendations.

But that's not all – we're also bringing the same cutting-edge technology we use to uphold our Recommendation Guidelines to Instagram's recommendations on Search and Hashtag pages. We believe this will go a long way in ensuring your Instagram experience aligns even more with your preferences.

Stay tuned because this fantastic update will be rolling out to everyone in the coming weeks!


To view your Sensitive Content Control:

  1. First, head on over to your profile.
  2. Now, locate the Settings menu tucked away in the upper right corner. Give it a tap.
  3. Next, tap on "Account."
  4. Within the Account settings, look for the "Sensitive Content Control" option. This is where the magic happens. Here, you get to choose whether you'd like to stick with the default setting, known as "Standard," or if you want to see a bit more ("More") or perhaps a bit less ("Less") of certain types of sensitive content.
  5. Remember, it's not set in stone! You can change your mind and adjust this setting whenever you like.

We understand that your journey on Instagram is uniquely yours, and we're here to make it as comfortable and personal as possible. That's why we're continuously developing features like Comment Control, Restrict, Block, and Mute - consider them your personal toolkit to shape the world you navigate on Instagram. Our team is tirelessly working to bring even more thoughtful tools to life, all with the hope of crafting an Instagram experience that feels just right for you. To explore more and dive deeper into the nuances of our Sensitive Content Control, please feel welcome to visit the Instagram Help Center. Remember, we're here to support your Instagram adventure every step of the way.

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