Introducing New Ways to Collaborate and Create with Reels

We're thrilled to unveil the latest Instagram updates that sprinkle a bit more joy and simplicity into your collaborative and creative reel adventures. Let's weave unforgettable stories together!

More ways to collaborate with enhanced remix features

Exciting news! We're supercharging the Remix tools on Instagram to make your storytelling sessions with friends and beloved creators even more magical. Dive in and let's co-create wonders!

Remix for photos:

Get ready to sprinkle your unique sparkle on Instagram! Soon, you can add your personal touch to public photos with the new Remix feature, turning every snapshot into a canvas for your creativity. Let's unleash endless possibilities and craft reels that are unmistakably you!

Expanded Remix layouts:

Get ready to spice up your reels in your own unique style! Choose from options like a green screen or split-screen views to add a personal touch to your video commentary. Let's make your reactions come alive!

Add your clip:

Got a fresh perspective? Now, you can seamlessly add your clip right after the original, creating a heartfelt, back-to-back story.


Easily create Reels with Templates and Dual

We're all about making it super simple for you to let your creative juices flow! That's why we're constantly adding cool new features to help you capture, tweak, and share your awesome ideas, all from the convenience of your phone.


Feeling a bit stuck? No worries! Templates make it a breeze to whip up some amazing reels. They come with ready-to-go audio and clip spots – just toss in your pics or videos. To find some template inspo, just hit that camera icon in the Reels tab!


Capture the moment and your genuine reaction all at once! With the Dual feature on Instagram, you can record using both your phone's front and back cameras together, giving your audience a fresh perspective.


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