Expanding Subscription Access to a Broader Creator Community on Instagram

We're committed to empowering creators like you with a diverse set of tools to flourish on Instagram. With the introduction of Instagram subscriptions last year, we've opened up a new avenue for creators in the US to foster stronger bonds with their dedicated followers, all while generating a steady monthly income.

Recognizing the immense value that subscriptions have brought to creators in the US, we are thrilled to extend this feature to creators globally. In the upcoming weeks, creators from countries including Australia, Brazil, and the UK, among others, will be able to tap into Subscriptions, fostering deeper connections with their fans while enjoying a new revenue stream. Stay tuned as we amplify this rollout worldwide in the near future.

About Instagram subscriptions:

Instagram subscriptions allow you to forge stronger bonds with your most devoted followers while boosting your monthly earnings. Subscribers gain access to exclusive content and perks, enhancing the interaction within the very platform where your community already thrives.

You have the freedom to determine a monthly rate that suits you, activate a "subscribe" button on your profile, and extend the ensuing benefits to your subscribers:

Subscriber-Exclusive Content:

Craft reels, posts, stories, and live sessions exclusively for your subscribers. Engage them with unique content, interactive stickers, or host subscriber-only live sessions to foster a close-knit community.

Subscriber Highlights:

Ensure your subscribers never miss out on your latest exclusive stories, as they are automatically saved to a subscriber-only highlight section, keeping them visible and accessible at all times.

Exclusive Broadcasts and Channels:

Reward your subscribers with special access or insider info through exclusive channels, fostering a more intimate and enriched community experience.

Subscriber Badges:

Enhance interaction with your dedicated followers easily and effectively with subscriber badges, a tool that helps you identify and prioritize communication with your premium audience.


How to get the most out of subscriptions:

Offering exclusive content across various formats not only nurtures a diverse community but also fosters unique connections with your subscribers. Refer to the Instagram Subscriptions Creator Playbook for insightful tips and best practices on leveraging these features to expand and retain your subscriber base.

We remain committed to enhancing tools that facilitate creator earnings, with more exciting updates slated for the upcoming months.

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