Continuing to Keep Instagram Safe and Secure

We are devoted to maintaining a secure and nurturing environment for all Instagram users. Enhance your account safety effortlessly through measures like setting a robust password and activating two-factor authentication. Additionally, fortify your account's security at your convenience by undertaking Instagram's Security Check-Up.

Besides our steadfast safety resources, we're thrilled to unveil new features crafted to bolster account security and provide augmented support in case of account access loss.

Additional Account Support

To aid accounts facing access troubles or potential hacking incidents, we've established - a reliable one-stop solution to report and rectify account access issues.

Facing login issues? Simply visit via your mobile or desktop browser. This portal guides you through a structured process to address various access issues, whether it's a potential hack, forgotten password, or two-factor authentication troubles. Follow the streamlined steps to regain access to your account, with the flexibility to choose which of your associated accounts requires assistance.


We understand that losing access to your Instagram account can be distressing. Hence, we are dedicated to providing various avenues to swiftly recover your account in case of access loss.

Earlier this year, we initiated trials on a feature allowing users to solicit identity confirmation from friends to facilitate account recovery. Now, this option is universally accessible on Instagram. In case you are barred from your account, you can now select two Instagram friends to vouch for your identity, aiding in swift account recovery.


Keeping Your Account Secure

As part of our proactive approach to account safety, we're exploring strategies to thwart hacking attempts on Instagram beforehand. Initially, we are purging accounts identified as malicious by our automated systems, particularly those impersonating others, as it violates our Community Guidelines. Additionally, we are in the process of testing alert systems to notify users of potential impersonation attempts through follow requests or direct messages. This initiative aims to further secure user interactions on our platform.


We've expanded the visibility of the blue verified badge to various sections on Instagram, facilitating quicker identification of authentic accounts. Besides profiles, these badges are now present in Stories and DMs, with integration into the Feed arriving soon, ensuring a secure and authentic user experience across the platform.


Discover more about Meta's recent safety initiatives at the Meta Newsroom. For guidance on averting scams on Instagram, head to Instagram’s Help Center.

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